Force in motion

The right tyre for every application

rigid dumper The excellent results achieved by the company in the field of compounds are also the consequence of significant investments made by Marangoni into research and development. A highly qualified team combines innovation capacity and technical skills when choosing the materials used.

Thanks to the careful selection and repair of the casing, and to the compounds and tread patterns used, the performance of MARIX retreads is equivalent to the one of a primary brand new tyre.

Testing durability and resistance to heating directly on the working surface verifies how well the compound withstands different conditions, from everyday use to the most extreme levels of tyre stress.


Leadership acquired in the field

Thanks to the know how acquired in the field and to the technology used, Marangoni is currently a world leader in retreading, offering a vast product range for all applications, featuring high technology, excellent quality and 5 years of guarantee.


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