Marangoni offers 5 years of guarantee

5 years guaranteeThe guarantee covers Earth-Moving tyres retreaded by Marangoni, against any fault that may be attributed either to the manufacturing process or to the quality of the materials used.

A tyre which has been claimed defective will be inspected by Marangoni’s specialised technicians of the analysis laboratory, and if:
  • no more than 5 years have passed since the manufacture date;
  • non evidence of flaws is detected due to incorrect usage, impacts, sharp-edges objects;
  • the tyre has received regular maintenance


then, Marangoni will proceed:


  • to retread the tyre, if deemed possible, or
  • to credit the value of the remaining tread.

Marangoni can make this commitment because of high technical standards of production, being internationally recognised and to the usage of high quality materials.