The compounds, technologies and machinery used to produce the Marangoni tyres were designed, tested and updated internally at the group's Research and Development Centre. The extensive range of retreaded tyres, which are produced at the Rovereto plant under the MARIX brand name, represents the synthesis of the intense work done in terms of development, which is carried out in the laboratory, production and fieldwork, while aiming to better satisfy our clients' needs.

Custom solutions

Thanks to the Research & Development Centre and to the close collaboration with its customers, Marangoni Earthmover Tyres customises its products, not simply offering the most appropriate profile for each specific application, but also proposing patterns developed specifically in consideration of the casing to be retreaded and the tread depth.
The use of purpose-designed compounds for individual applications further fulfils user requirements.


Retreading process

By adopting a high-quality retreading process, Marangoni has succeeded in ensuring performance levels that are equivalent to those of premium-brand new tyres, offering products with excellent technology and quality that guarantee considerable reductions in hourly costs and represent the best possible response to the need for efficiency and cost savings among companies operating in the sector.

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